Why You Really Need Gaming Headsets?

Gaming Headsets is a great innovation for all the hardcore, either they like to play on PC or consoles. They are can benefit from them. especially those people who live with someone. Every person around gamers can be fed up after hearing the shooting and multiplayer chats the gamers do. This is where you need a great set of gaming headsets.

Gaming on normal setups, like having a webcam with mic, or separate mic. and a good headphone that does not have a microphone built-in can destroy your gaming experience. This is where your new gaming headset going to help you.

These dedicated headphones help by having all the required things for an immersive gaming experience. They come with great microphones inside them to facilitate you in multiplayer gaming. They have long cords. moreover, they come with comfortable earpads so you can wear them for longer and they won’t hurt your ears. All these benefits will make any gamer to invest some money in these gaming beasts.

Like any other product in the market, there are good headsets available out there and some of them are bad investments. let’s discuss first why you need them.

We should admit it, when you are focusing on shooting the enemies inside the game or thinking about finding the perfect gun for your game, any noise around you can devastate your focus or mood. whether its noise of the music from another room,  you live nearby a busy road or other people you live with love to talk all the time.

These noises can ruin your gaming experience. This is where you need a good gaming headset with noise cancellation. The high-end gaming headsets come with two technologies to block the noise. First of all the earcups are sealed pretty good so they avoid any noise signal hitting your eardrums. These days, many good headsets come with a specific type of cushions that successfully block most of the noise around you. The expensive headsets come with active noise control technology. These headsets come equipped with small microphones fitted outside of ear cups. they get noise signals from your surroundings and send them a microchip inside them headsets. In the chip, it’s decided which sound should be blocked and which should not be. This technology needs much expensive hardware to work so you will find this feature only in high-end headsets that can be pretty heavy on your pocket but we can confidently say that they worth the investment.

Whether you are a university student, living with other friends in a dorm room. or you are a father along with a gaming addiction you don’t want to disturb the other people around you. and how you can enjoy the Fortnite or any other game without listening to every bit of sound being produced by it. The lack of sound can even affect your gaming badly. for example, you are playing the game in a multiplayer tournament, and its very important for you to win. how can you win when you don’t hear the noise of your enemy shooting at you from the back of you or the hidden enemy in a building inside the game. There is no substitute for sounds in a game.

With a good gaming headset, you can solve this problem. you will be able to listen to every bit of sound from a game full volume without disturbing any person around you.

Most of the gaming headsets available in the market are made with cheap plastic while playing the game when you move them to fit ear cups on your ears they might break very easily. and most of them are not going to fit on your head any day. its because everyone has a different head size. And most importantly, they look ugly. Yes, they cheap plastic won’t look good with your gaming setup and its pretty shameful to show these cheap-looking headsets to your friends. it’s like black color dirt on your white shirt.

These cheap headphones can put pressure on your head that can result in pain. and you won’t be able to bear them for long gaming sessions. that’s the reason you should always go for the headsets that come with the good build quality and we admit that they are harder to find these days in the market but not impossible.

make sure to buy headsets that come with the high-end build quality and preferably opt for those that have a metal skeleton.

While playing the games, you should listen to its sound very crisp and clear. and the headsets do this task. We can easily say that the headsets comparable sound better than speakers on games because the headsets throw the sound directly to your ears. With the help of gaming headsets, you can listen to all the lows, mids, and highs very clearly and accurately.

These days all games require you to have a good headset so you can react on all sound queues otherwise you may lose from your enemies. if you like to play first-person shooting games its necessary for you to hear the footsteps of your enemies and all surrounding sound so you can react accordingly. so the stereo headsets are pretty important. but there is another term being used by headset manufacturers called surround sounds. They are the upgrade to stereo sound. In the surround sound, you will be able to listen to sounds from the different angles that result in a hyper auditory experience for gamers.

The cheap headsets come with low-performance drivers inside them that result in very low-quality sound and the sound produced by these cheap drivers can even hurt your eardrums. so it is important for the sake of your eardrums that you choose a high-end gaming headset that can save you from hearing loss after all you are going to use them for many hours per day.

There are no words we have to explain the importance of mics in your gaming headsets. They are very important because they allow you to chat with your teammates so you can make strategies with them or whether you want to tell them your current location on your game map. These gaming headsets come equipped with good quality of microphones with them for your teammate communication.

The cheap headsets might come with low-quality microphones that can even change your voice and we experienced that the voice reproduced by them is hectic to listen. its torture to your teammates and sometime they may even make your teammates misunderstand whatever you want to say to them over them. So to have an immersive gaming communication you should always opt for the headset that comes with a good microphone with them.

Do all gaming headsets work on PS4 Console?

The answer is yes and no both. As most gaming headsets connect with an audio jack so they should work fine with a console. most of the wireless gaming headsets also have Bluetooth connectivity that is pretty normal. so with the help of Bluetooth dongle on your PS4, they could work fine with them. but to unleash all the specific features and enhancing the gaming experience from the specific console you should always buy the gaming headsets that are specially designed for PS4. So to get all the benefits from your gaming console you should always go for the headsets that are specially designed for the PS4. For that purpose, you can view the best headsets for PS4.

Does Xbox One also have dedicated headsets?

Xbox One is another most popular console from the tech giant Microsoft. They do have their proprietary headsets but not all people feel comfortable using them. especially the hardcore gamers who are always looking for something that could enhance the gaming experience. and Yes all the popular gaming headsets manufactures are producing dedicated headsets for Xbox One. you should take a look at the recommendations for the best headsets for Xbox One Here.

How to buy gaming headsets?

When you search the gaming headsets on best buy, you will be able to find thousands of headphones models that you can buy with a single click. They come with much technical information with them but its very difficult for a normal person to filter out the best headsets for them. We have researched and took a look at the all options provided by them and we must say that we concluded most of the headsets available are not good quality and a person can easily end up buying low-quality gaming headsets easily.

Before making a final decision we always suggest the gamers carefully research the headsets before pressing the add to cart button. Preferably, we would advise them to go to the offline market and test all the available options to find a suitable gaming headset for yourself. but its time consuming and no one is going to spend a couple of days finding the perfect headsets.




How does the gaming headset look?

Most of the gaming headsets available in the market will look normal like any other simple headphones that we use to listen to music or other tasks. While some of them look like alien type as the hardcore gamers have an effect of gaming fantasies on their brains so they are looking for something that is extraordinarily designed.

it all depends on your taste whether you are a sober person that is looking for normal style headphones and want yourself to embed in the system and does not want to get noticed in the crowd.

while the other people who are gaming geeks who want to get noticed by the crowd and should look like a gaming hardcore person should always choose the headsets that do not look like other ordinary headphones.


Selecting a gaming headset is like choosing a fish from the ocean. There are various types and an unlimited number of models available in the market. we think every person has a different choice for himself. and one type of headset is not going to make every gamer happy. So in the end, each person will buy the headset that will suit him. but it is important to research before that what you can get best in your budget. as many black sheep manufacturers are trying to sell their products by fancy advertising and technical sheets. so you should always determine what brand is promising and trustworthy. after finding out the brand you should check out their whole series of headsets and select the model that you think will suit you completely. if you don’t do the research you will end up buying a cheap headset in a hefty price that can even put you at the risk of your hearing. As we discussed earlier, the low-quality drivers inside them can hurt your ears badly. we think the headsets are very important for gaming these days and a very sensitive product because it’s going to be attached to your ears and it will directly affect your eardrums that are a very sensitive part of the body. so always choose the gaming headset that you think is safer for you even it cost you extra bucks.