Mage Company History

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Bases in Eastern Europe and USA, the MAGE company is a board game publisher. It was
created in the year 2010 to meet the purpose of developing new board games that would be
exciting for the masses. Since the year 2010, MAGE company has developed a range of titles
and have kept game enthusiasts quite pleased with the new entries. Their titles range from
Wrong Chemistry to 12 Realms, Raid and Trade to Hoyuk, Carrotia to Cohort and a lot more.
Although the comapny is building itself with small steps at a time, its pace and achievements
could certainly land it in a decent place in no time. It has built new partnerships with reputed
publishers and distributors. Some of the names that the company has associated itself with are
Heidelberger, Ninja Division, TenDays, Brain Teasers, Edge Entertainment, Chaos
Publishing and a lot more.

The games that are developed by MAGE publication are unique and interesting in the sense
that they tend to offer players an absolutely new playing experience. The main titles are well-
supported with promotions and expansions via news that further make the game more
interesting. Considering the fact that the game follows high standards, each one of the board
games is made of premium quality components.

Every year few titles are published that have their own style, theme as well as mechanics that
almost end up monopolizing the market. The priority of MAGE publication continues to
create a line of new and exciting board games, card games and miniature games.
The current titles of the game are divided into two parts: the Original Games and the Family
Zone. The games vary in their experience levels and are essentially made for kids and
families who love playing games with unique plots and gaming techniques. There are a
number of games that are essentially designed for experienced gamers and playing them
could transport you to a different world altogether.

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