Why do active people need Best Bluetooth Earbuds?

There is no alternative to a good workout when coupled with a favorite playlist. In fact, music can motivate one to do better and go beyond the comfort zone. It is no wonder, therefore, that you see a surge in good quality headphones and earphones. Hold on; don’t rush to get your own pair before reading this piece, because remember not all headphones and earphones are the same.

If you have already decided to buy wireless earbuds, you can skip the lengthy step of researching the best ones. As there are many guides available on the internet that do research for consumers so they can save their time to buy the top ones. 

If you are the sporty kind then any set of wireless earbuds will not do; you need something that is meant exclusively for sports because of the following reasons:

1. Normal earbuds do not stay in place: Most people prefer headphones and in earphones to earbuds when involved in active sports because most of the earbuds do not stay in place and tend to fall off. Furthermore, they are small and the chances of retrieving them are dismal if you lose them in a crowded area. Hence, you need earbuds that are designed to fit your ear comfortably and stay in place with vigorous exercise.

2. Not all earbuds are sweat proof: Moisture is the worst enemy for all gadgets and the earbuds are no different. During exercise, it is natural to sweat and for the sweat to trickle down your face and into your ears and earphones and if it is not sweat proof it will be damaged.

3. Normal earbuds are not fitness trackers: Most of the normal headphones or earbuds are designed to answer calls besides give you control over your music with the touch of a button. But not all of them have a fitness tracker embedded in them. For a sporty person, there can be no better boon than to be able to keep track of one’s health and fitness levels.

4. Normal sports headphones come with “tangly” wires: There are scores of headphones meant for fitness but they are all wired and the last thing you want to do during a workout is to get entangled in an unwieldy mass of wires.

How to choose a good pair of wireless earbuds for sports

Now that you are convinced you to need a specific type of earbuds for your active lifestyle let us proceed to decipher the code of right buying. Remember it is not just the sound effect and the comfort level but the health of your ears that is at stake, hence, pay attention to the below points when considering any wireless earbuds or headphones.

1. Sound quality: There should be no compromise on the sound quality. You must not miss the bass and treble during your run or the motivation factor in the music will be lost. Most earbuds are known to cut the ambient sound, while that is good as long as you are indoors, while you are outdoors there must be passive sound isolation so that you know what is happening around you and are never caught by surprise by any vehicle. Hence, sports earbuds must have passive noise isolation and not noise cancellation.

2. Comfort: It is extremely irritating to keep adjusting the earbuds during a workout; hence earbuds meant for sports must sit snugly in your ear. The earbuds must be of the right size and shape besides have soft tips so as to not hurt the delicate parts of the ear. Sports earbuds must come with varying bud sizes so you can select the size that fits snugly. In case, you need more security then you must choose models with wings which basically ensure that the earbuds fit completely in the ear and there is no chance of them dropping off.

3. Battery life: Your wireless earbuds must be able to last the duration of any workout and therefore the battery plays a crucial role in the selection of a perfect model. Look for options that give 6-8 hours of battery life. You must also find out the charging time for the earbuds so they can be charged according to your schedule.

4. Controls: The reason you opt for wireless earbuds is to make your life simple and easy during a workout or a run. Hence the last thing you want on your earbuds is ill-placed controls which require herculean effort from your side to change tracks, change the volume or even answer a call. You must choose a model where the controls are easy to reach even during a workout without you having to strain yourself.

5. Connection: Since all of the wireless earbuds use Bluetooth connection, you must ensure that you have the latest version of Bluetooth on the earbuds and this version must be compatible with your phone. Poor quality Bluetooth earbuds will have major connectivity issues and you cannot keep dabbling with your phone each time there is a problem. As a thumb rule always goes for the latest version because in this version the problems of connectivity have been dealt with and additional security features added. Do not be fooled by specs of cheap earbuds which reflect costly earbuds because, in reality, the performance will be different.

6. Waterproof: Ensure that the earbuds are waterproof and sweat proof. Most of the models come with warranties for these features.

7. Built-in fitness tracker: This is not a must but is definitely beneficially for those who take the extra effort of staying fit. Did you know that the earbuds provide the most accurate heart rates? Nothing is better than to keep track of your heart rate, a number of steps you have taken and the calories burnt in such unobtrusive manner.

Summing up

The design, the fit, durability, and the battery life must be in accordance with the cost of the product. Buy a set that is real value for money. With doctors around the world advising people to take up exercise more sincerely, you now have the option of using lightweight wireless earbuds to entertain you as you progress towards a fitter you all the while keeping track of your fitness levels. and don’t forget to check these the best true wireless earbuds also called Bluetooth earbuds to buy this year.

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